Tuesday night fixture a chance for further turf exposure

Tonight’s Women’s Premier clash with Mosgiel gives an opportunity for another of the clubs in the Football South community a chance to host a game at the new Logan Park Artificial Turf facility. The unique nature of the Facility being built as a shared resource over our existing fields will create a lot of fixtures in the coming years where we are hosted by other clubs at our official home ground.

The smooth surface and calm conditions should provide a platform for our girls to move the ball quickly but as we found in our first fixture at the venue it takes a bit to get used to with the size in particular something quite foreign particular for Women’s Premier sides.

Our Kate Sheppard Cup clash two weekends ago gave us a glimpse of what Mosgiel were like and this gives the girls plenty to consider as they prepare for the clash this evening. Mosgiel is a committed side and cleared balls long as they were able to but the speed of our play and front runners caused them plenty of problems which will only be enhanced on a larger pitch.

A solid defensive structure was untroubled at Memorial Park and may not get too much of a workout again tonight but Mosgiel do provide a threat on the break and there were moments in the Kate Sheppard fixture where the bounce of the ball could have opened up a chance.

Coming off a big goal scoring performance with our Division One Blue side Jess Marvin has been promoted to the Premier side for the match and adds another goal scoring which already contains Erin Roxburgh, Meike van der Meer and Sarah Robinson.

Kick off is 7:30pm tonight on the Multi Turf.